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​Don't try to create your own scene. Go to where one already exists and make yourself valuable. Instead of... read the rest of the article in Forbes.

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Spencer X Smith

Using social media in your business can be a massive undertaking, so where do you start? ​Fundamentally, I've found that people have three major questions:

  1. What do I say?
  2. Where do I say it?
  3. Will this actually generate any business?​

Before January 22, 2015, I knew almost nothing about social media. Previously, I worked in corporate sales for two Fortune 500 companies, and conducted over 3,000 in-person sales meetings during a seven-year period. My daily activities included one-on-one meetings, phone calls, individual emails, and speaking to groups. I didn't use social media to leverage my time at all.

After all those years and all those meetings, I discovered that there's really one key activity in business development: identify your target customer, and continuously offer to help solve their problems. 

Social media is the best means ever invented to leverage your efforts with your target audience. Once you put something in a digital form, it can be replicated an infinite amount of times, and people can learn from you on their own time without taking any of yours.

What will you learn here? I'm documenting all the things I'm learning to grow my business and my personal brand, and sharing the results for free. I want you to take these ideas, implement them, and simply let me know how I can help. Everything on this site really works, because I've actually done it.

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