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Wisconsin Assisted Living Association – Digital Marketing & Social Media – Spencer X Smith

WALA graphic with Spencer X Smith presentation

Video transcript – Hello my friends from the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association. I’m Spencer X Smith, and I’m so excited to be joining you for your 21st annual conference this year where you and I, on March 11th, will be sharing “Digital Marketing & Social Media in Plain English.” It will be jargon-free and easy […]

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work and How to Fix Yours

Why most New Year's Resolutions Fail

You’ve made New Year’s Resolutions before and — like so many well-intentioned ideas — they simply haven’t worked out. Don’t feel bad; 92% of people are in your same boat. Why is that? Because January 1st is meaningless. The enthusiasm associated with the clean slate of a new year is incredibly fleeting. After a few days we revert to […]

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