B2B Business Development: Social Media DNA of Customers

Link to infographic and worksheet from this video – spencerXsmith.com/socialDNA/ Video transcript – In this video I’ll share with you how you can use social media to read your customers’ minds. Hey it’s Spencer X Smith, today coming to you from HotelRED, just across the street from Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin. One of […]

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ALA 2016 Business of Law Conferences Spencer X Smith preview

ALA Regional Legal Management Conferences

Hey my friends from the Association of Legal Administrators, I’m Spencer X Smith and I am so excited whether I get to see you in Boston, Phoenix, or Indianapolis this year, I’m fortunate enough to do three presentations for you. The first being on Thursday night with a Bold Bites and “How You Can Launch A Rocket From Your Smartphone.” On Saturday, […]

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