ALA 2016 Business of Law Conferences Spencer X Smith preview

ALA Regional Legal Management Conferences

Hey my friends from the Association of Legal Administrators, I’m Spencer X Smith and I am so excited whether I get to see you in Boston, Phoenix, or Indianapolis this year, I’m fortunate enough to do three presentations for you. The first being on Thursday night with a Bold Bites and “How You Can Launch A Rocket From Your Smartphone.” On Saturday, […]

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WIIFM – Tune Your Social Media Channels To This Station

“What should my company share on social media?” is the second most-common question I hear when giving presentations (the first being “What Is A Hashtag?” an article you can read in InBusiness Magazine here). Here’s a simple consideration – how can you most benefit the audience that you have right now, as well as the audience […]

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Struggles Only Business Owners Understand

Guest post: How is it having your own business? A simple answer to this: it’s like having a baby. It is rewarding but it keeps you awake at night. You spend more money for it than yourself. There are times when it’s hard to handle it, you want to give up, but never really did. You […]

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